Would you like to learn how to horse ride in a fun and safe place?

We can cater for all standards from beginners to advanced riders.
in a safe and fun environment in which you can familiarize yourself with horses.

Why Choose us ?

We offer professional affordable service :

  • Fully Insured
  • Qualified staffdsc_0013
  • Large Indoor
  • Each Client is assessed and encourage.

Lessons available every Saturday and Sunday.

Times available


10.00 – Mix Adults + teenagers  Beginner Group

11.00 – Children Beginner/Lead rein Group (4yrs+)

11.30 – Children Beginner Group

12.00 – Children Beginner/Improves Group

1.00 –   Intermediate

2.00 – Advanced mix group

3.00- Children Intermediate

4.00 – Mix Adults + Children Intermediate group


10.00 – Advanced Group

11.00 – Children Beginner Group – lead rein (4 yrs +)

11.30 – Lead rein – 30 mins

12.00 – Children Beginner Group

2.00 – Children Beginner Group

3.00 – Children Beginner Group


To book , please call or text 087 6673026 – any missed call will be returned.

We can offer Private or semi private lessons – Just ask


What to wear for your first riding lesson ?

  • There are specific requirements for clothing to wear to riding lessons, for reasons of comfort, safety and good grooming.
  • Jeans are to be avoided. You need something that is both comfortable and very flexible
  • What is important is to avoid clothing that might “flap” about, as this has a potential to spook the horse.
  • You can wear a body protector which will protect you back and neck more if you should fall off. This is essential if you are jumping. You can borrow one from Collistown ec
  • Wear boots with a raised heel so that if your foot slips through, you don’t get trapped –

You can wear wellies to start with but if you get better and continue to ride, upgrade your footwear to proper shoes.

Collistown riding school can provide a helmet

This is essential and we insist on everyone who rides must wear a regulation helmet. Riding without a helmet is not permitted in yard.

We advise customers who wish to continue to ride -to purchase their own hat.